December 1, 2008

A big blog’s coming my way!

Posted in Mr. Junebug at 6:52 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

Never thought I’d see the day, a big blog’s coming mah way!

I’m Miss Junebug and I never thought I’d blog. But I hope to impart some northern California, wine country lovin’ to all you budget savvy brides hoping to create your special day. I plan to blog about all things wedding related, as I experience them: finding the venue, the dress, the story of how I met my man, how I’m making our wedding our own and how I’m resisting what I call the “wedding industrial complex”!

First, a little about moi! I’m a writer. I wrote for a national magazine until I decided to try freelancing. Now I spend my days planning how to start my own business (more on that later), freelance writing/editing, contemplating selling my eggs to raise money for the wedding (haha, j/k), and of course, in front of the computer surfin’ wedding blogs and sites for inspiration and escapism.

A little about Mr. Junebug. Wow, did I hit the jackpot. No, seriously, as I speak, my man has mop in hand and I never asked him to lift a finger. He is the sweetest, funniest man. He cooks every night, gives me massages and is always up for a stimulating conversation about Derrida or whether or not the subaltern can speak. He’s an intellectual. Getting his Ph.D. I am so stinking proud of him!


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