September 2, 2009

Trying to be like Lisa Vorce

Posted in Personalizing Your Wedding tagged , , at 2:59 am by Elizabeth Nixon

I’ve been obsessed with Lisa Vorce, of Oh, How Charming! and her wedding design for a good long while. I was lucky enough to see her in person at a Bloomingdale’s event at Fashion Island in Orange County last spring, and early this summer I interviewed her for an article. The greatest advice she imparted regarding building a unique wedding design was this:

“Jot down all the things you love, whatever they may be, and find a way to incorporate them into your day.”

I don’t know why, but it took several months for that to really sink in. I would visit Style Me Pretty or Lisa Vorce’s website each day, and each day I would see something totally unique, and wonder, “Now why couldn’t I have thought of that?” After about 20-plus times saying that to myself, I threw up my hands, dug out a piece of scratch paper and began to jot down all of the things that Mr. Junebug and I love:

Paper chains (the ones you build to count down until Christmas)
Line dried laundry
Finding arrowheads
Sea blue and sea green
Sea glass
Spanish mosaics/tiles
Vintage clothes
The colors green, blush, aquamarine
My grandma’s centerpieces

That last one requires a brief explanation. My grandma’s house, on a lake, is the site of our wedding. In her house, on special occasions, she creates the most beautiful, detail-filled centerpieces. Often with moss, bark, shells, driftwood, and little flowers or paper cranes or other tiny, pretty things tucked into the branches.

I want centerpieces a la my grandmother.

But before I transgress into the topic of centerpieces, let me first finish my thoughts on how to channel a $250,000-plus wedding planner like Lisa Vorce: After compiling this list, and asking Mr. Junebug what his favorite things were, well, iiiiittt WHAMMY! as Champ from Anchorman would say. All sorts of ideas began a-flowin’! And, not to give away too many details, I was able to conceive a completely unique way of:

*laying out the escort cards
*seating the guests
*displaying the table numbers
*offering the cocktails
*setting up the buffet
*raising the cake
*portraying the family “heritage” photos

I’ll reveal tidbits of these design elements in good time. But let me just say for now that they all make Miss June such a happy little bug! Tell me, is it important to you to have completely unique aspects to your wedding, or do you prefer to utilize the tried-and-true?


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