November 3, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses FOUND…on Wedding Bee

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So, if you read my last bridesmaid-dress-related post, you’ll know that for about four months, finding the right dress was the bane of my existence. I was trying to find something gorgeous, affordable, and flattering for all body types. My ladies range in size and one is currently pregnant! 🙂

Originally, I was dead-set on a lovely pale blue, much like this color:

Melissa Sweet Bridesmaid Dress

By the way, if you covet this dress like I did, let me save you some time and possibly a trip to the dressing room: the stiff faille fabric and babydoll design will unfortunately make ANY girl look six month preggers, just beware.

Anyway, so I had somewhat resigned myself to this color. That is, until I saw these bridesmaid gowns in a pale champagne pink:

Two Birds Bridesmaid Dresses in Rosewater

I saw them in a Wedding Bee classified ad. The bride wanted $175. I was in love with them–they are one of my wedding colors, it’s a more flattering color to wear than ice-blue, and it’s in an elegant, to-the-floor length. In a flattering jersey, it can be wrapped 15 ways (score for individuality!). Plus, they come in just two sizes, which are one-size-fits-all. Peeeerfect. Especially for my friend who will have a new baby, and wouldn’t know in time to order a specific dress size, what her post-baby size would be!

But I still needed one extra dress in a size B. I looked it up online. More than $300?!?! Yikes! Not all was lost, however. I had a thought: Maybe this bride will lower her price? I am, after all, gonna order four from her and give her a deposit to hold them for me. Then I can ask the bridesmaids if they’ll agree to all chip in for the fifth dress we need to order full-price to complete the set.

The bride indeed had no problem lowering the price to $155, and my ‘maids agreed wholeheartedly to pay $180 each so that the cost of the fifth dress was mostly covered. YES! And now we have the loveliest dresses scheduled to arrive in late March! I’m not really worried about this deal, because I got a written contract from the bride, sent a PayPal deposit, and she’ll throw in dry cleaning and shipping and send within two days after her wedding. Schweeeet!

My mom saw the picture and told me she’s jealous of the color–it’s one of “her” colors, since she’s a “summer” complexion-wise. Haha, I love my mom. I’ll have to get to work finding a pretty pink dress for her as well. Requirements? No waist (doesn’t want to draw attention to middle), so I’m thinking A-line, and maybe a more champagne than pink. We’ll see. Any ideas for pretty mother-of-the-bride dresses? How did you find a good deal for your bridesmaids’ dresses? Do tell! 🙂


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