December 10, 2009

Making Favor Boxes

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So call me frugal, but I made favor boxes that came out costing a grand total of 3 cents each! I took a favor box I got from a wedding and took it apart to use as a template. Then I drew out the design on a bunch of Michaels’ discounted sheets of 18″X18″ paper in one of our wedding colors. It took awhile, but Mr. Paisley helped.

My favor boxes in progress. A pattern drawn in pencil on a slightly-worse-for-wear sheet of paper.

You see from the above that one of my sheets got a little munched. That’s bound to happen when your work station looks like this:

My dining room table overfloweth with crafts. Yes, even unsent handmade Christmas cards.

The paper was ridiculously cheap. I already had a bone folder (cue Mr. Paisley saying “haha, you said bone”), glue sticks, a hole puncher and ribbon. I used scrap computer paper for the white eyelet trim at the top:

Testing out ribbon colors. I like both, so I'll probably end up using both.

I ordered the eyelet punch off eBay for $3. I tried using it on the thick paper of the box itself, and it broke, cutting the palm of my hand pretty badly *ouch* so Mr. Paisley fixed it by gluing plastic back together and reinforcing it with a row of old chopsticks. I promise to post a photo of this shortly. It now works splendidly!

So, I just traced the favor box pattern and scored the flaps with the bone folder, cut the patterns out with scissors and assembled my boxes, securing with gluestick. They’re pretty plain right now; no writing, no “thank you” or cutesy message like “sweet endings for sweet beginnings,” but I like ’em plain:

With cute eyelet details:

At this point, they’re all cut out and hole punched. I’m currently working on scoring the folds and assembling them. I may even leave the assembling till the week before the wedding, to avoid crushing the boxes in transport.

We plan on placing them around our candy buffet, with cellophane bags inside the boxes, for people to fill up with candy.

Do you think they look nice plain, or should I try out a sweet little message stamped on the front?


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