December 27, 2009

I Want Candy! (Or, How to Style a Candy Buffet)

Posted in DIY Projects tagged , , , , at 7:07 am by Elizabeth Nixon

I used my Craigslist Cricut purchase ($100 for a perfectly good Cricut Create with a cartridge, yeaher!) to cut out little labels to decorate my apothecary jars for the candy buffet:

Photo by Miss Paisley

The shape of the labels mimic the shape of my invitations:

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

My candy labels DEFINITELY matchy-matchy the favor boxes I made:

But I think it’ll turn out OK despite the matchy-matchyness. Here’s an inspiration board I made using a cream, blue, pink and yellow color palette:

So, that’s basically what I’m goin’ for. I may even throw some chocolate (non-white) into the real thing. I’m not ‘fraid. I don’t NEED to do all pastels. We shall see once I order my candy! For the macaroons, I’m either going to DIY, or bite the bullet and pay $3 per macaroon at Bouchon Bakery:

Photo Credit: Bouchon Bakery by

I’m only going to have about 15 on a plate, so it wouldn’t be totally cost-prohibitive, depending on how well I do managing my budget toward the end of wedding-countdown-2010. 😉

Finding inspiration for a candy spread has been one of the more challenging, yet fun, parts of wedding planning. What inspiration have you come across to help create a gorgeous and cohesive candy buffet color palette?

Inspiration board photo credit: Ian Grant, Project Wedding, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty.


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