January 18, 2010

Feather Me Beautiful

Posted in DIY Projects, Fashion tagged , , at 8:04 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

The feather hair flower: the trend of the ’10’s (is that what you call the year/decade we’re in now?) I believe a hair flower–and I’m talking a normal-sized (nothin’ against the gimongous ones, they’re just not my thing), plain ivory, with or without a few feathers–will become the one trend of the early 2000’s to transcend all time and become a classic. I’m talking, Grace Kelly-chignon-classic. Audrey Hepburn’s-French-twist-and-tiny-bangs-classic. Don’t believe me? Take a gander (haha) at these feathery finds in an inspiration board I made:

Photo Credit: Brendas Bridal, Wedding Bee, Project Wedding

And even if they do date your pictures, who cares? I’m on the train to feather town and not lookin’ back! BUT. Why do they have to cost so much? $40 or more for a few feathers and scraps of ivory silk. Well, I can just do it myself! (Do you like to…do it yourself? *Rapid succession of suggestive eyebrow raising* 40-year-old-Virgin anyone?)

Mr. Paisley emulating the Ron Burgundy hairy eyeball

Sooo, I researched feather flowers, and learned the pretty, delicate feathers are roosters’ tails, otherwise known as “coque” feathers. I found them as cheap as $3.75 online for a pack of 60 dyed white. I’ve ordered them, and when they arrive, I’ll do a tutorial to show how I strip them (you have to strip the bottom section of feathers off to leave the delicate “tuft” at the very top), and create my hair feather flower. And I’m sorry if I’m being wordy calling it “hair feather flower”–it’s just that the word “facinator” bugs me.

Other than the feathers, I’ll just have to buy the clip to attach the flower to, because I plan on using a couple of ivory silk flowers taken off a J. Crew shirt I own. I never wear the shirt, so it’s a good way to repurpose the flowers. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!

Have you made your own hair flower? Share a link to pictures, I want to see them!


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