March 11, 2010

We’re Building a Driftwood Arbor, and Drink Bar!

Posted in DIY Projects at 9:13 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

Yup, that’s what’s on the to-do list with Papa Paisley this weekend. In other words, I’m crazy! I’m heading up to wine country to my grandma’s house tonight, where the wedding will be. There, the plan is to build a driftwood arbor, drink bar, wine bar and a couple of other projects are in the works as well. I hope brother Paisley helps us out, too. That would be awesome, because we’ll need all the help we can get!

Here’s our inspiration driftwood arbor:


That should take up one day pretty sufficiently! It takes a long time to collect pretty driftwood from around the lake.

The next project on the list is building a beverage bar to house 140 small mason drinking jars, and four large 5 gallon glass beverage dispensers for our signature cocktails.

Here’s our inspiration for that:


But I’m going to add a second level to it inspired by this driftwood design:


See all those tiny pieces of driftwood magically holding up that shelf with the beverage dispensers on top? I don’t know how the designers for Pottery Barn built it, but for mine, I’m going to just prop a driftwood plank up on two cinder blocks and then use a glue gun to disguise the cinder blocks with the driftwood pieces.

We’re also going to take wine barrels and cut cylindrical holes in them to transform them into recycling and trash receptacles for the wedding. And one wine barrel will be the designated wine bar, with a couple of stocked wine racks at the base and an opener attached to the barrel “tabletop” with a small rope. That way, those who want wine can serve themselves throughout the night, but our day-of coordinator won’t have to worry about the wine opener disappearing!

Stay tuned for pictures of everything once it’s built!


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  1. wine bars are great. my father installed a wine bar in my home and my wife also loved it `’~

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