March 21, 2010

Hair Trial, Part II

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I wrote about my hair trial already, but only had one photo to show you. Now I’m back with the rest of the pictures, courtesy of Papa Paisley’s camera and photo emailing skills!

Here are a couple of my inspiration photos to show what I was hopin’ for:


Photos source

And here is my hair, all fresh in the salon:

Sorry for the funny face, I wasn’t exactly ready for the photo when MOH Paisley snapped that picture.

Here’s the back view:

It’s pretty, but a lot curlier than I’d hoped, too much wax was used, and it wasn’t the unstructured look I wanted. It was partly my fault, because my stylist kept asking me how close to my head to start the curl, and I was a little indecisive.

“Ummm, hmmm. There? [pointing to the crown]”

She asked for my direction a LOT. Which was good in a sense, but I wasn’t prepared enough, especially when it came to the back. I had no back-view picture to provide her any guidance.

After I came home, I Googled away and found this photo of Taylor Swift’s side-swept ‘do from the back. I wish I’d had this photo to show the stylist!

Photo source

She did a great job with the makeup, I thought. It was also wonderful how I only got two or three hours’ sleep the night before my hair/makeup trial. Haha. Well, it did mean she got to work with a fairly accurate representation of what my sleep-deprived face will look like on the actual wedding day! (If I can’t sleep before a freakin’ HAIR trial, chances are I won’t be able to fall asleep the day before my wedding.)

Amazingly, here is what it looked like about 10 hours later when my dad took some pictures before I hit the hay at 11 p.m.:

I also spent 5 hours doing yard work that day. One thing’s for sure, this hair has staying power!

I think the stylist is nice, talented, and an incredibly good deal. The makeup and hair trial cost only $25 (half off). And since my bridesmaids all decided to get their hair done here (the $40 price won them over), that means my hair and makeup on the big day will be free!

Plus they’ll serve us coffee, doughnuts, and mimosas. ‘Nuf said. We are sticking to this salon, even if my hair looks like a poodle.

My wedding is in Lake County, meaning this rural county has two options for hair and makeup: this place, or paying like $800 to have somebody from Napa or Sonoma County drive over and do it.

But, I’m thinking of having another hair trial to try to get a less curly look. And trying to get a looser, fuller look to the back, like the photo of Taylor Swift above.

If I do, I’ll try to plan it around a day when I can go out someplace fancy, instead of going to grandma’s with MOH Paisley and doing yard work like I did after this first hair trial:

I’m currently on the hunt for photos of side-swept half-up ‘dos, especially the back views, so if you have any/know of any, please send the links my way! Muchas gracias!

Have you had two hair trials in order to achieve the perfect look? Were you glad you did it?


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