April 10, 2010

The Paisley’s First Wedding Present!

Posted in Presents at 8:29 am by Elizabeth Nixon

It’s official, the Paisley’s have received their very first wedding present, in gorgeous gold wrapping paper, courtesy of Mother-in-Law Paisley. Thank you to MIL P! It was really fun and exciting!

Mr. Paisley was a silly Paisley-locks whilst opening this beautiful gift.

First, he came bearing the present with glee on his face.

He gave it a lil’ shake, trying to tell what was inside.

Dismantled the bow, and decided to wear it on his head.

Whipped out his trusty pocket knife.

Carefully removed the tape, so as to preserve the pretty wrapping paper, as is tradition in the thrifty Paisely household.

Unwrapping ensued.

Along with some bubble wrap popping.

Finally, the gifts were revealed!

Then, I dropped to the floor exhausted from belly laughs at all of Professor Paisley’s silly faces and equally silly antics. He caught my laughter-tears on film:

It’s a pottery colander and pair of gorgeously-oversized salt and pepper shakers, perfect for salad-making! We needed one of these, and it’s extra special because it belonged to Mr. P’s beloved grandma.

Thank you MIL Paisley!

Was your first wedding-present-opening a memorable one?


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