May 11, 2010

Napkin Treatments

Posted in DIY Projects at 6:59 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

Now, what is a napkin treatment, you ask? I’m honestly not sure if I’m making that up, or if I’ve heard it somewhere. But when I told Professor Paisley what I was doing, he looked utterly confused, so let me explain:

I am doing DIY napkins out of various colors of fabric. Navy blue, grays, yellows, pinks. I’m trying to put one color per long table, but it might not work out that way, so I needed a way to tie all these colors together.

I had some white eyelet fabric left over from my candle project, and I already had my pinking shears out from cutting all those 20X20″ squares of fabric.

So I made these:

Little napkin belly bands.

I cut until I had a huge pile:

At first, I thought I might use my left over tissue paper flowers from a pomander project:

But I think it hides too much of the belly band, don’t you think? Plus I only have 70 of those flowers, and approximately 130 guests. Although I’ve thought I could perhaps do flowers on only the female guests’ plates…

But I love the simplicity of the napkin with herbs laid over it, like rosemary or lavender. I think it helps the different colored napkins look cohesive. Here are two napkins together with one of my dozens of eyelet-covered pillar candles and a swatch of our table runner fabric:

Have you thought about using a variety of colors in your wedding design? Have you tried mock ups to see how they all look together, or do you just hope for the best?

I’m probably going to wait until the day before the wedding to decide whether or not to use the pink paper flowers. I’m not a great visualizer. I need to see it before my very eyes to know if it works!


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