May 22, 2010

A Fauxtobooth is Born (On the Cheap!)

Posted in DIY Projects at 6:31 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

So, I was at Jo-Ann’s the other day looking for ribbon for my Moroccan lantern project, when I fell upon the perfect fauxtobooth fabric in the outdoor fabric section. At $4/yard, I felt like I’d hit the wedding jackpot, especially since I’d been eyeing this expensive designer wallpaper by Amy Butler, then eyeing my bank account, then eyeing said expensive wallpaper, for about a month without caving in to buy it:

Said expensive wallpaper.


I was in love with this expensive wallpaper by Amy Butler as well:


Sigh. One day, wallpaper, one day.

But for now, I’m satisfied with my $24, 6 yards’ worth of this pretty stuff:

Sorry these pictures are so bad. In person, it’s two lovely shades of aqua, yellow and white, not cream like it appears here. Just wait till the pro photos happen, it’ll look ahh-mazing!

There’s so much of it, small armies of guests can crowd in for a shot if they want to!

I’m hamming it up for you with the only “props” I could find on hand, Professor Paisley’s favorite hat!

While I was at Jo-Ann’s, I also bought 16 yards of organza to drape over the arbor, also on huge sale for under $3/yard. Seriously, ladies, if you need fabric, there are so many 40-and-50-percent off tags throughout the store right now!

I also couldn’t resist this sheer, silvery-blue fabric on sale, even though I have no idea what I’ll do with it:

I bought the whole bolt since, well, since it was dirt cheap. I’m thinking I’ll create a backdrop for the cake or candy bar, or both. Or a “curtain” around the photo booth.

Stay tuned for more on the photo booth. I plan on hanging it soon and adding picture frames much like this:


And this:


So. Much. Fun!

Now, creating the frame for the whole structure should be a bit of a challenge. I’m thinking of just hanging it between two trees, with some PVC pipe from which to hang the fabric and picture frames.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

But for the meantime, I’m having fun going through my Halloween stuff in search of props!

Are you building a DIY fauxtobooth? How’d you do it, and what sort of props do you plan on using?


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