May 22, 2010

Mama Paisley Finds her Dress!

Posted in Fashion at 7:15 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

That’s right, ladies, she has her MOB outfit!

We had a difference of opinion when it came to our idea of a MOB outfit. Let’s just say I have an abhorrence of simple, button-down white blouses when it comes to a MOB ensemble and let’s leave it at that!

Let me be clear: it was nothing that resulted in a fight or even a tiff, it was just a misunderstanding that was resolved after we were able to flip through some magazines and inspiration photos together (note: mama P really gets a kick out of phrases like “inspiration photos”… but, I probably would too, if I weren’t the bride obsessed with them!).

After an in-person perusal of my mom’s favorite catalogs, we were quickly on the same page. Here’s one photo I gave her for inspiration, although I’m not sure whether it factored into the decision-making or if it instead ended up floating around in email abyss:


Something about that photo reminded me of my mom. Probably the colors, the linen (her favorite fabric) and the thin arms and pretty hands.

Whether it was used for her inspiration or not, her outfit looked surprisingly similar:

Ignore the collar here, it looks better without the scarf tucked under. I did that, btw, so I take full responsibility!

It’s such a pretty slate-blue color, with beautiful pleat details in the skirt and the top vest-like blouse has a gorgeous asymmetrical cut in the front. It’s from J.Jill. Other than having to return the skirt for a smaller size, Mamma Paisley is all set for the wedding, and while she spent more than planned, it’s an outfit she definitely wants to wear again.

I think she looks beautiful in it, and did such a great job picking out something that goes splendidly with the whole feel of our wedding!

She recently picked up a tan summer sport coat and slacks at Ross for my dad to wear. He’s got the best deal of anybody by far, ringing in at under $50! I can’t wait to see it on him!

Did you take any part in helping your mom or dad pick out their wedding day outfits? How did it go?


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