May 27, 2010

Easy as Tie

Posted in Fashion at 2:57 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

Or not.

How hard can it be to pick a tie?

O-oh, oh, let me tell you, it can be a challenge. I *almost* regreted going when Prof. P asked me along this afternoon, if only because with less than a month until our wedding, I’m so over it and making more decisions! But, once there, we had a lot of fun!

We’re narrowing it down, but need a little help from the hive, so please vote in the poll below! Here’s an inspiration board I created, with the help of two photos from our very own Miss Apple Cider and Miss Cowboy Boot!

All photos unless noted are by Miss Paisley

Upper left: Source
Middle right: Miss Apple Cider
Lower left: Source
Lower right: Miss Cowboy Boot

I lucked out that Miss Apple Cider also used David’s Bridal navy chiffon for her ‘maids, because I desperately needed to see a good picture of the color, as the DB website color is not accurate, and all my maids live far away.

The suit in the middle of the inspiration board? That’s what the guys are wearing. Tan seersucker.

That preppy bow tie in navy with pink dots is my favorite at the moment.

Here’s a better look.

Next to the ensemble, I arranged a pink tie to act as the bridesmaids’ bouquet and a pair of navy slacks to simulate their navy chiffon gown, to see how it would all look together. Prof. P had a fun time cracking jokes about how the Paisley ‘maids were apparently wearing dresses made out of pants, while I’m sure the Jos A. Banks men were wishing we’d go home already. But you know what, they can deal, because they were equally annoying!

Side rant: the store guys were kinda saying sexist stuff to us! They were trying to be funny, but failed miserably. No doubt they figured they were building rapport with Prof. P saying stuff like, “Ohh, better go with what SHE says! That’s the only opinion that matters! Hahaha!” Or, “Well, guess that one doesn’t meet HER standards,” said patronizingly.

Yeah, thanks for ALL the ‘spect you showed me today, gentlemen! I mean, this “little lady” can barely contain herself with excitement and enthusiasm to return to your store!

If money weren’t an option, I’d be outta there! But, their 60 percent-off-6-or-more-ties-sale that’s going on for the next two days has me sold.

Here are the contenders:

(For reference, our colors are pale aqua, navy blue, peach and pink.)

Option A (the navy bow tie above)

Option B

The light blue, pink and navy striped tie

Option C

The striped bow tie

Option D

The peach, navy and light blue tie

Which do you like best?

option a

option b

option c

option d

Have you found ties for your groomsmen yet? Was it difficult to match them to your wedding, or was it simply a cinch? Maybe…easy as tie?


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