May 28, 2010

Let Me Anthropologize…

Posted in Deals, Fashion at 5:57 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

…if you don’t like my favorite store, because this post borders on Anthro-worship.

But where else would I shop for my bridesmaids’ gifts, since it’s the best store ever, right? (Note: I only ever shop for sale items here, however.)

The question then, was, which of the lovely things in said store should I gift them? (Paisley ‘maids, please go away now! No more reading!)

I recently fell in looove with their monogram necklace:


They were out of stock online, since this was a winter item, but if you call customer service, they’ll locate items in-store around the country and ship them to you for free! Or at least the New York City store shipped them for free! Icing on the cake, because they also were the only store in the country to have all the various letters I needed. And for the sweet, sweet sale price of $10, I threw in one for myself, too!

I’m not sure yet if I’ll ask the girls to wear these on the wedding day, or instead ask that they go bare-necked, as I am. What do you think, are they wedding-y enough?

They’re also getting gloriously-beautiful earrings in two of our wedding colors: rose and pale aqua.

I have been collecting these earrings for over a year, waiting for the expensive baubles to go on sale, and waiting for appropriate styles individual to each girl, so I know they will love them and hopefully wear them again.

They’re so pretty and delicate, it makes me want to get my ears pierced so I can wear them, too! It’s probably really, really good that I don’t, or I would have bought ’em all in double. Yep, my mantra in this present-buying business has been “one for me, one for you!” 😉

All told, I spent around $200 on their gifts. But full price it would have been more than double that! So, score!

Their gifts will be a surprise, but I did let my maid of honor peek at them through pictures, so she could get her favorite.

Speaking of maids of honor, I got her an extra gift, a gorgeous green beaded necklace.

Yes, I also couldn’t resist buying myself one to match. 😉 Anyone else have trouble resisting buying for yourself when buying gifts for your bridal party members?


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