May 29, 2010

Paisley (Finally) Reveals Her Dress Pics!

Posted in Fashion, Hair at 1:40 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

I think I waited until a month before my wedding to show you guys my dress because I was secretly worried some readers would criticize me for picking such a ubiquitous dress. Yuppers, mine is an extremely popular one….as the bridal shop informed me, and the alterations place, and many people around wedding blogosphere.

Actually, my seamstress ever-so-slightly-passive-aggressively informed me it is not popular anymore. So maybe I have nothing to fear! According to her, it’s practically vintage! She got “thousands, literally thousands of this dress like two, three years ago” and I quote.

Sweet! Not only has everybody and her sister worn my dress, but now it’s old, too! 😉

You know what I say to that? What-freakin-ever! I fell in love with my dress two years ago after seeing it in a magazine, and despite trying on dozens of others, I couldn’t find another I love more.

And so without further ado, I give you, arguably one of the most popular dresses of the ’10s, (and for good reason) The Melissa Sweet Lia:

Please ignore my un-makeuped, un-hair-did, early morning face with puffy eyes. Ugh.

Focus instead on the back, in all its whipped cream-like, buttery, double-faced satin glory:

Woah. Is my back really that huge? Yes, yes it is. But it’s good for things like sports and amateur hatchet-throwing contests:

I came in something like 3rd place, and I’d like to thank my huge back.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the veil I’m wearing. Cathedral length Jeniffer Leigh “Corby” veil. I like that “Corby” is only one letter removed from Professor P’s actual name. 😉

Next up, I’ll need help from all of you ladies in deciding where to place my veil. High up near the top of my head like in the picture? Or lower on the back of my noggin?

Stay tuned for pictures of my hair, makeup, dress and veil in one great big, happy trial run!

Did you choose a popular or, as some in the wedding blogosphere say, “overdone” wedding item, whether it was a dress, veil, color scheme, or other element for your big day? Did you have any regrets about your choice to go a popular route?


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