June 14, 2010

A SATC Bachelorette!

Posted in Fashion at 6:28 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

My OC girls threw me the most fabulous night out on the town, Sex and the City style. The movie had just opened (I know, I’m a little late posting this), and, ardent fans that we were, we had been planning for months to make a day of it and see it together.

When my bridesmaids (who live in NorCal) realized they needed to host a party there, an 8+ hour drive from the OC, and we quickly realized that what with graduations and schedule conflicts, nobody from down here could make it up there, my OC girls decided to turn SATC day into a celebration of my devotion to one man, since they are awesome like that.

What was meant to be just a last minute, mini-bachelorette turned out to be my largest (with five of us altogether) bachelorette party! (Stay tuned to read about the other bachelorette party!!)

After getting dolled up in our carefully-planned and coordinated SATC-inspired outfits, we hoped in the car (fully intending for our men to pick us up later on):

Miss Paisley and her great and gorgeous friend, D.

More beauties: S, whose hot car got us there, and A, aka “Agnasty,” my recently-engaged-friend who will probably soon discover the joys of Weddingbee!

We arrived at The District, and I confirmed with Professor Paisley that he could come pick us up later if A’s boyfriend-now-fiance for whatever reason couldn’t… (but he did, thanks Dave!)

My outfit, by the way, totaled just $10, since I got the skirt on clearance at my fav, Anthro, and everything else was already owned.

We started out the night enjoying quite the spread at Ra. The girls pulled out all the stops, ordering dish after dish and drink after drink:

Ra must have known what was on our agenda for the evening, check out the cute stir sticks in our Cosmos!

We cheersed!

We noshed!

We flirted with our sexy waiter and laughed hysterically every time we called him “sexy” to his face!

We cuddled!

We kissed (on the cheeks, lol)!

We posed, giggled…and posed some more!

Miss Paisley, C, and S!

By the way, this is what happens if you even just TRY to pay the tip at your bachelorette dinner:

Your $20 WILL get torn in half and then silly, suggestive photo-ops will occur.

We made our way to the flick, SATC style:

And one of the many highlights of the night, as I walked in, I received a standing ovation from the crowd in the theater, sneakily and brilliantly choreographed by the fabulous A!

Inside, much silliness continued as we ate delicious Sprinkles cupcakes, photographed our cute shoes and then thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Afterward, the antics continued complete with free drinks and free comedy (where I was of course a main target by the comedian) at a local pub. It was a fabulous night and we had a complete blast! Thank you girls! I really ❤ you!

Have you had more than one, intimate bachelorette parties, or did you do it up once in grand fashion with a whole dozen or more of your gals?


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