June 17, 2010

The Paisley Party Draws Nigh!

Posted in DIY Projects at 5:50 pm by Elizabeth Nixon

Wow! How did we get to ONE WEEK before the wedding SO. DAMN. QUICKLY?!? There are so many things left to do!

I need to buy my groom’s present, buy my makeup, floral supplies, do the candy buffet…I’ll spare you from the whole list, but, suffice it to say that I added up all the hours (of gardening plus projects) and they equal 60 total hours of work! Before you join me in a spine-chilling bridal scream, let me assure you that divided by the number of wonderful helpers we have this week, it all comes down to just three hours per person. Whew! That was close, guys, that was close!

Some of the projects I’ve completed:


All ready to go and tied with navy blue picot-edged ribbon bows and in their cute antique basket (that was my great grandmother’s).


Made from old favorite shirts using pinking shears and old ribbon, so it was free!


I hand painted it on an old oar that was lying around, here’s a close-up:

Small hand painted driftwood signs to go into the petal-tossing bowls:

Close up:

I ran out of room on some of them so I substituted “bride and groom” for “them.”

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post detailing the rest of our many DIY projects: the “kissing menu” project, photobooth construction, arbor-decorating, straw flair (a la Mrs. Snow) and much, much more as the Paisley hootenanny draws nigh and nigher!

Have you spaced out your DIY projects appropriately, in a time-conscious manner? Or are you Miss Procrastinator like your very own Miss P?


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